Update: 10-31-18

Gasp! A blog post?! My goodness! Whatever is the matter?!

Once again the weather has turned cool and while we are trying to finish winterizing everything, I am currently fighting a nasty head cold or allergies. My head is stuffy, nose running, and I want sleep but cannot get there.

Time is still limited but for today, I am ignoring the leaves that need to be raked and trying to feel better. Yesterday I raked over half of the back yard and really wanted to finish today. For my efforts, I have a broken blister on my right thumb and the aforementioned cold or allergies. In my endeavor to rake the leaves, I learned that under the leaves was grass that needs to be mowed very low, also for winter. That will be someone’s project, though that someone may end up being me. Once the leaves are raked into the pile with the wood, DH will be able to burn the whole mess and make a wonderful pile of ash that we should add to our raised garden bed. I also need to make a trip to Harbor Freight to pick up tarps to put over the garden that will be composted with straw donated by DFIL. I am really hoping our garden will be good again next spring and that we will be able to plant it earlier.

In an attempt to ignore how miserable my head feels and braving the “frogs” that may decide to invade my work because of my headache, I have been putting more stitches into DS’s stocking. They say it is good to confess, so I will confess that I am tired of stitching DMC 221, 223, and 3722. These are all shades of a rosy pink. For some reason I had no idea there was so much of it in this piece. Depending on how much more I have in the very top band and the toe of the stocking, I may have to purchase more of each color. Thankfully, I can now move on to 676 on the eventual checkerboard on the top left. It is such a nice change of pace.

The picture on the left is from my last post while the one on the right is where I am at now. You can see a wee bit more at the bottom right and the top section. You can also see the box at the top left that I am filling in the top section with DMC 676. This is the referenced checkerboard.

No other crafting has really happened since last time though I have plans to cast on a pair of socks sometime soon, potentially a hat, and most importantly, pull out DS’s sweater or rather the sleeves and get them moving along or re-cast on. Preparations are being made for having projects on the go that can be worked on while reading textbooks or listening to/watching lectures. Plans are moving forward for classes beginning in January. My second transcript has now been received. Fingers are crossed that the last one will come in soon so that review can be completed and I can learn which classes will be accepted. The missing transcript has a class that is related to my upcoming studies. However, I am not sure if they will accept it since it has been 30+ years. Yes, it has been forever! Time will tell.

I believe that is all for now. I’m off to brave the “frogs” and potentially sneak a nap later this afternoon. Thanks again for sticking with me through this adjustment.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. I hope you feel better! I have a cold that won’t quit or maybe allergies that are extra. ‘Tis the season I suppose:(

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