At long last

The Virus Shawl in the Red Velvet colorway has been completed, photographed, and put in the mail to be given to my mother for Mothers Day. It is just a lot easier and safer to send the package to my sister who lives 10 minutes away from Mom and have her deliver it. A phone call this morning let her know that a package is on its way, however I chose not to tell her what is in it. 20170508_112136The colors are fairly true to life though the darker red is not so purple. It is a maroon. I hope that she enjoys this one, too. She was wishing for one in these colors but I had been challenged with finding the colors she wanted. Mom started one, but became distracted and tired so it didn’t get very far.

Another ornament has been completed from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue. This one took 2-3 days and is Charland’s Designs “Santa Topper”. Since I finished it quickly, I was able to sort through other projects and also work on the scrap acrylic yarn afghan that I want to finish.

It is my hope to get some sewing done very soon. There is a whole basket of bags and gadget holders that need to be sewn. I also would like to make some new tops/blouses for summer and perhaps a dress. And finally, I need to make some more project bags, a grime guard or two, and drawstring slipcover bags for projects to protect them when I am not working on them.

Life update: The final year of high school is rapidly coming to a close for DS. He is so ready to be done and I’m ready for him to be done, but not looking forward to some of the changes. He is a wonderful young man with great potential. A celebration early in June is being planned for family and friends. My hope is that he will achieve all of his dreams and be able to pursue them with much success.

Additionally, plans are coming along nicely for the Pathfinder Camporee in September and the Pathfinder Coordinators Convention/Pathfinder Bible Experience Union Event in March 2018. Both are big projects, however I think the second one will seem quite simple after getting through the Camporee in September. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we work hard to make both of these successful events for the kids.

Until next time, thank you for having patience with the sporadic posts. I am holding onto hope that things will eventually settle down into a routine. Keep your sewing needles, crochet hooks, and knitting needles busy and enjoy each project you work on.

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Waiting and Huge Mistake

Today begins DFIL’S cardio rehab appointments for the next 2 to 3 months. He is back with the therapist and DSIL for intake and first session. They only let one other person back with him so I will wait to hear how it went and what expectations are between visits.

The huge mistake? Because I expected to be involved in his visit this morning I didn’t slip a project into my purse to pass the time with. Positive is I am writing a post while I wait.

The Virus Shawl for my mom was finished last evening. Pictures will hopefully be taken later today and posted. I am hoping to put it in the mail before Mother’s Day.

In other news, the second Christmas ornament of the month was finished night before last. 

This is the ornament designed by Thistle Threads in the 2008 Christmas ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. I have made some changes as some of the materials are no longer made. The first change was the perforated paper. I am using white 14-count perforated paper. I found that it is harder to work on this at night when my eyes are tired as the holes were hard to see and sometimes seemed to jump around. This was quite a surprise as I don’t have trouble with Aida, evenweave or linen at night. The next change was choosing not to use the Rainbow Gallery Petite Alpaca PB61. This thread is a fuzzy thread that is supposed to be used in horizontal long stitches over the gray portions of the ornament. does not carry this and while I found it at a few other places for $2.50 plus shipping, the shipping was ridiculous for just the one small item and not worth it to me for just the one project. Also I didn’t want to add to the order to “justify” the shipping.

Felt or nice paper and a ribbon will be needed to make this a FFO. Maybe that will happen later this year when I finish the other ornaments.

The two ornaments for stitching in May have been kitted up ready to begin on Monday. If I had been thinking, I would be knitting on DS’S sock that I have picked up in between projects. Must. Put. In. My. Bag.

I am now much further along than this–only 1/4 repeat from the heel. Perhaps if I keep it in my purse I will get further along as I won’t forget it when there are a few minutes to wait.

Thank you for your patience. Scheduled are still very much in flux so posting and crafting is only when I can sneak it in.

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Still crafting a bit

Even though I have not been posting much I have been trying to cross stitch, knit, crochet, or sew a little bit each day. With DFIL’s heart surgery last month and the Pathfinder season coming to and end for this year, along with planning for two huge Pathfinder events in next 12 months and work and finishing up DR’s senior year of high school, crafting time has taken a hit.

The only project that traveled well during this time up until recently was another Virus Shawl in the Red Velvet color way from Caron Cakes. I hope to have the third cake and shawl finished and off in the mail to my mother for Mother’s Day in May. Unfortunately there is no progress picture however I hope to get a final picture before it is put in the mail.

Another cross stitch Christmas ornament has been finished nut not fully finished. 

This is Glad Tidings from the Just Cross stitch Christmas issue of 2008. Fabric is white 14 count Aida which I don’t like but was too far along before I realized the doors and alphabet were 1 over 1 on a linen. That just shows you where my mind has been.

Right now I am trying to finish the ornament by Thistle Threads from the same magazine. It is my first foray into perforated paper projects. While it is pretty I am not sure I like working on it. Even so I hope to have the stitching done by April 30 as a new ornament is scheduled to start then. Also planning on a picture of it when finished stitching.

I will leave you with a picture of the bridge and area where we made a day trip to finalize more arrangements for our huge Pathfinder Camporee in September. 

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