I love to garden!!!

So whether DH realized it or not, shopping for garden plants, bushes, and flowers, followed by planting them today was a great way to remember my dad who always loved to garden. We bought the majority of the plants at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise and then the strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry plants at Lowe’s. While our garden is not near as big as the one I remember when I lived with my parents and helped plant, weed, harvest, can, and freeze, I love my raised beds that DH and DS have so kindly put together for me to cram full of plants. Here are a few pictures from today:


Cucumbers at back to hopefully climb chicken wire, mesclun in sunny area, pepper to middle right, and marigolds




Sweet potato slips to plant in 5-gallon bucket


Planted seeds area with two strawberries on right side. Some of the beets, radishes, and mesclun have come up but not much else. Hopefully that will change with the warmer days.


Tomatoes, peppers, Crenshaw melon, watermelon


Tomatoes, peppers, marigolds, butternut squash, oregano


Tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, cantaloupe, cucumbers in the back with marigold


Left to right: Blackberry bush with two lavendar plants behind, red raspberry, red raspberry, garlic in front and on right side. The wire trellis has to be installed so that the bushes will not go everywhere but stay upright.


Hanging planter with pink fushia and 4 plants with small blue flowers

For some reason WordPress does not want to play nicely so some pictures are big and one is small. Now to water, weed, pray, and hope that these will all grow and stay alive so that we can have some really nice things in our garden.

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Quick Update: 05-24-18

Monday was a busy day with a trip early in the afternoon to my BFF’s daughter’s graduation from high school. I had to go over an hour early to make sure that there was a parking space and she saved me a seat with her family. It was a wonderful ceremony and so exciting to see her daughter finish this part of her academic journey. Traffic afterwards was INCREDIBLY slow and it took me 45 minutes to make a drive that usually takes 15! On the way home I called DH and he told me that (bless his heart) he was fixing my laptop by replacing the fan. We talked as I waited through stop and go traffic and then he informed me that it would not boot back up. 😦 There was nothing that I could do from where I was at and he did not really need me distracting him so I ended the call and continued home as soon as I could get there. When I arrived home, DH was sitting at the kitchen table with a working laptop and had sent me a text with a picture of it working. I was so very happy and thankful for his skills!!!

Tuesday was spent reloading everything from the flashdrive and relinking programs so that they would fully function–including information to OneDrive for each of the kids. That afternoon I was supposed to have my windshield replaced in my Dodge Journey, however when they arrived, I was informed that I have an after-market tint and they don’t do those. I told the young man that we would have to wait to reschedule until I had talked to my insurance company to make sure that they would cover the windshield AND the after-market tint under one deductible before we replaced it. He and his company were so gracious. After a quick call to my insurance agent, I was able to reschedule the covered windshield and also schedule the tint at the local Dodge dealership. They will cover all for my deductible–reimbursing me for the tint. I am waiting for the call this afternoon that they are on their way to replace the windshield and in the morning I have a 9 AM appointment to have the tint redone!

Wednesday morning was spent with a couple who are members of our Pathfinder Coordinating team. Not only are they coordinators, but they are friends who share a love of crafting and gardening. I am hoping in the near future to get a walnut seedling, 2-3 raspberry cuttings, and 3-4 bridal veil bushes from them that they want to get rid of. I did not return home until mid afternoon and still had my laundry to finish. All was going fine and I even had a load of towels on the line for about 20 minutes and then a wind/dust storm blew up and DH and I had to quickly remove the towels from the line and throw them in the dryer to finish.

This morning I met my BFF at Starbucks to craft, drink coffee, and catch up on everything. It was a lovely time and much too short. She was headed off to pick up her youngest daughter from school and I had to head home to wait on the windshield replacement that should happen sometime between now and 5 PM. Hopefully any storms will hold off until it can be completed as I do not have a place for them to work inside out of the elements.

This week I have been working on a sock for myself and made really good progress until this morning. I finished the ribbing, leg, and heel flap and even turned the heel. HOWEVER, I had adjusted the pattern from 56 to 64 stitches and had even adjusted the heel flap to 32 stitches. What I did not adjust was the stitches in the pattern for the turn, so I will have to tink that back and try again with a slight adjustment in my math! Here is the sock before I tink it back: 20180524_143626I like the yarn, though I was not expecting a tweedy look when I knit it up. The heel turn is not centered on the heel flap hence the need to tink and redo!

So that is it for now. Hopefully I will get the back yard mowed this week and continue with all that needs to be done. I am watering the raised garden and hope to flood the back yard with irrigation water as it is really dry. We are keeping busy as summer gets going.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day as that is coming up and I most likely will not post again until afterwards. Stay cool and enjoy time with family!

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Update 5-16-18: Moving Forward (and hopefully posting this time)

The fan on my laptop is dying and the replacement will not be here until June 11 at the earliest. It was ordered from overseas and we even paid the extra to have it come “Express”, however, some “express” service is one month! I may reconsider using this company next time. Anyway, as a result, necessary work is being completed on DS’s older and slower laptop, and I am grateful for his willingness to let me borrow it. I started this post on my phone, however, my brain works faster than I can text so I logged in to Word Press on his browser and hope to get this published. Because the laptop is not mine, I decided not to fight through loading the Word Press application onto it – it didn’t help that they make it very challenging from what I can see. I cannot wait until my laptop is working properly again as I have everything set up to do all of my work on it and the applications are already installed. Additionally all of my email is being hand

led from my phone and not deleted at the moment because I store important emails into folders on my laptop for future reference.

Moving forward: The month of May has been productive so far. I wasn’t sure how things would go but I have completed some projects both in crafting and outside in the garden (insert brief stop to take care of laundry). My brief stop turned into several hours while I took care of laundry, fixed lunch, rode with DS while he drove to work (practice driving for test), more laundry, and projects for DH. Then this was followed by preparing supper, a huge review of work done eight months ago and resubmitted differently and now it is almost 10 pm. So I will try again. 🙂

The first of this month I pulled out another ornament to stitch up from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue. This one was designed by Rosewood Manor and took just three days with a finish on the 3rd of May. The fabric used was 32-count white Lugana by Zweigart. I used plain silver Mill Hill beads that I already had instead of ordering the called-for beads as I did not want to place an order for just one package of beads and did not want to tempt myself to order more. Please ignore the shadow.20180503_223258[1]

This was immediately followed by an ornament by Gentle Pursuit Designs from the same magazine. Because it had two parts and because I was not sure how much time I would have in the remainder of the month, I started stitching away on May 4. The fabric is a scrap of 14-count cream Aida and both parts were stitched on the one piece, however there are two pictures. The threads were the called-for DMC colors. Between other projects and after a froggy visit on Monday night, I finally finished last night on the 15th, which was the day that I planned on starting. Please ignore the wrinkles. 

I found it a bit challenging to stitch in the light pink for the flowers on a Christmas ornament, however all in all it turned out nice. Unfortunately, the weather is keeping me from being able to take nice pictures.

In between working on this project which frustrated me at times and caused me to look at other projects, I finally finished the “Earl Grey” socks for DS in the Knit Picks Chroma Twist colorway Fogbank (I think). 20180512_184847[1]The toe on the second sock was actually kitchenered together this last Saturday night (May 12) and after a quick picture, they were given to DS. I am pleased they are done because now I can perhaps work on a pair for myself that I started quite awhile ago. I will try to get pictures of these for an upcoming post.

Besides these crafting projects, I am still fleshing out my plans for cross stitching something besides ornaments. Lots of WIPs and starts are floating around in my head and I hope to nail them to a schedule before long. We have also been busy in the yard and garden. The garden has my toilet paper strips of seeds planted in it and so far the radishes and mesclun are coming up. There are a goodly number of other seeds that I hope will come up soon. Additionally I have several pots of various plants on the windowsill and breakfast bar.

The first picture on the top left is an avocado seed in a dish. I have had it in a glass for almost a week and have 6-7 more weeks to go before I can know if it sprouts or not. Next to it is a basil plant that I really need to transplant. Unfortunately it is still quite cool at times outside so I probably need to get a pot for inside the house and put it in a place where the cat will not eat it. Scooter has a large pot of cat grass that he has decided to lay in and smash it all down. The third pot in that picture which is shown bigger on the lower left is a small 6″ pot of rosemary sprouts. Unfortunately, I lost my plant in the garden outside the kitchen window over this last winter that was not that bad. This time I will see if I can keep a plant inside even if I have to transplant it to a larger pot. The picture on the right is of 25 starter plugs. The columns from left to right are: two different flowers in the first two columns, okra seeds with a start in the closest one, chives in the next to the last one and a few starts of basil in the last column on the right.

Not shown yet are two pots of begonias that are on the back porch. The red larger begonia is a birthday gift from my BFF. She informed me that I absolutely could not kill it so it is hanging from the canopy frame on the back porch. Last Sabbath when we were visiting one of our Pathfinder clubs for their Investiture, the church gave each mother in attendance a pink begonia to transplant into a pot. I purchased another hanging pot and potting soil this morning and transplanted it before hanging it in another corner of the canopy frame on the back porch. It is a single smaller plant but I hope it will either spread or I can add to it with other plants.

Finally for now, DS has been driving more, including on local highways, to and from Walmart for my/his errands, and twice to work. Since he only has his permit and we are still teaching him, he has lots more to practice. However, I think he is doing well. Once he passes his driving test and receives his license, DH will teach DS how to drive the pickup he has been purchasing from FIL/GF as it is a manual. It has been a few years since I have driven a manual, but DH has already driven this pickup to his own work and picked up two different yards of soil for the garden. It is nice to have this available when DS might let us “borrow” it. DD has been enjoying driving her own car both to and from work with DS when he is not practicing his own driving, and taking me to run errands. It is fun to go places with her and experience having a daughter who is almost 23 and much m ore independent. DS is getting more and more independent as he approaches his 18th birthday next month, however it is nice to know that he still needs Mom and Dad sometimes.

That is pretty much all for now. We have lots coming up both in the garden, moving a shed in and FIL finishing it before we transfer items from garage to shed, painting the outside of our house-we are testing colors-and maybe even installing a sliding back door this summer. DH and I will also travel to a local greenhouse on Memorial Day to purchase heritage plants for the garden to finish planting, and then in July we plan on taking our first vacation without the kids along. We will see how that goes. In the meantime, we are busy with work, home, DH’s Master’s program, and I will be working on DS’s stocking and a pair of socks for myself. I also need to begin putting crafts together for taking on vacation. One of them I hope is to start sewing together blocks for a quilt. Like most of you, I dream of lots to do and wonder how I will fit it all in.

Take care and may your needles be swift with the frog only watching from a distance.

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